It’s like having ice-cream licked off of your body…

No, it’s not a line from Jenna Jameson’s autobiography. It’s a statement made by yoga instructor Eoin Finn during a       particularly intense pigeon pose.

Over the winter I bought myself the dvd Power Yoga for Happiness, but with five different routines , it’s taken me some time to work through the whole thing. Now that I’m more familiar with each practice, I wanted to share this great dvd with you.

Let me start with a disclaimer: I am not athletic at all. I want to be. I have visions of myself doing a 5k while chatting effortlessly with my fellow runners.  But it’s just not in my cards. Yoga, however, puts my body to task without making me feel like a wheezing granny.  The Total Happiness routine (80 min) is a pretty strenuous workout. They are doing poses that I haven’t ever seen before. But Finn’s style is so buoyant that I don’t focus on my inabilities. Instead I take deep breaths and give it a try. My abs and shoulders stay sore for days, but my heart also remains open just as long. Finn  devotes a segment within each of his routines to hip-openers. This has been a big help to me in my practice. You’re hips are the largest joint in your body, but they are often overlooked in yoga practices. I’ve set a goal of being able to lay my chest against my thighs while in seated forward bend. I want to do this by my birthday (May 20th), and opening my hips is the key.

The Daily Dose of Bliss is a great overall routine. At 40 minutes, it’s just the right amount of time to make me feel like I got a good workout and infused myself with positive energy, while also being quick enough to do regularly. The Quickie, however, is my go-to practice of choice. It’s only 30 minutes, but when I am feeling busy (as I have been for most of this year), its brevity is the only thing that gets me onto the mat. Infused with sun salutations, heart openers, and breathing exercises, The Quickie has all of my favorite yoga poses in one tight package. I can complete it in the amount of time it takes The Writer to shower and get ready for bed– time that I typically use to troll facebook or watch TV. This is definitely a better way to end my day.

Eoin Finn is a Canadian yoga instructor who pairs his practice with running and surfing. He’s the founder of He’s also the founder of YES (yoga, ecology and surf), and leads surfing/yoga retreats all over the world. Not a bad life. I also think he has some sort of affiliation with one of my favorite stores, lululemon athletics.

As my dad might say, it’s a little hippie-trippy. But sometimes that’s a good thing. If you do yoga or are interested in starting yoga, I highly recommend this DVD.  It’s fun and carefree, but also challenges and strengthens your body and mind. You might say it’s the perfect balance of effort and surrender.

I couldn’t find a clip from this DVD, but here is a taste of his general style:

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