I can’t help it…

I love Murder She Wrote! Netflix-on-demand has really gotten me through graduate school. After writing a paper all day, there is nothing like zoning out to a little JB Fletcher. I don’t usually like scary things, but look at her! Who wouldn’t want that face to show up at the scene of a crime and do some sleuthing? There’s nothing scary about Murder she Wrote except for the awful 80’s music they started using around the 7th season. Blah.

2 responses

  1. maybe you and “the writer” can solve mysteries together, and he can write about them! although i don’t think most murders are as adorable as the ones on murder she wrote…

    • Ironically, I’m watching it right now…”the writer” told me I wasn’t allowed to use his name in case he one day becomes famous….or if I do!

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